Interior Decoration, Artificial Stone, Precious Metals
Interior Decoration, Precious Metals

"DECOR-2000" Ltd.


"DECOR-2000" is a company with a long tradition in the production and processing of natural cladding materials - marble, granite and limestone. The company has its own production bases.

We do NOT use traditional, commonplace, occurring on every corner jewelry type balloons with helium, paper flowers and streamers. We are not looking for easy ways and simple, standard solutions. We are inspired lightweight and ultra-modern plastic material supplex, from which we "sculpt" the unusual construction, durable and bright interior decoration. In the end, born of textile flowers, stars, tower, trees, arches, Lacy ceilings and other elements, supplemented with fluorescent lighting and interesting details from a variety of materials.

We work successfully with private clients and large public companies, shopping centres, create a mood at family gatherings and help to solve problems large and small businesses, even shopping malls.

Regardless of whether you order the decorations for corporate parties, events, business events or parties, decorations are made individually to suit your needs. You dont pay for air, as in the case of helium balloons, will not be spent on short-lived garlands of flowers that delight the eye just a few hours. Instead, you get a durable, exclusive, unique (supplex used in the work unit designers), stylish and modern decoration for shopping Mall, office, showroom, nightclub. We will help you to make any standard or most unusual place, produce beautiful decorations for weddings and other celebrations.

- Volcanic glass - Urban design - The lobby - The facade - The building - Quartz - Quarry - Polishing - Plaster - Ornamental stone - Onyx - Marble - Limestone - Landscape design - Interior design - Granite - Face brick - Eurasian plate - Electric fireplace - Cutter - Crystallization - Bandsaw - Australian plate - Artificial stone - Architecture - Architectural visualization - African plate

New Services

• 10 PCs disc cutter with a diameter of from 1200 to 2500 mm;

• 4 piece bridge cutting machine, with disc diameter 600 mm;

• 5 PCs disc cutter with a diameter of 350 mm;

• 1 PCs automatic polarama line for plates;

• 5 PCs manual machines for polishing plates and arrays;

Featured Projects


Objects that are built with our materials (marble, Liparit, granite) are: Sports center "Maxi", "Constantine Palace", the building of the PD 113 ecc... The company has highly qualified staff and modern high-tech machine that makes it a desirable partner for domestic and international market.

Customer Supports

The company has highly qualified staff and modern high-tech machine that makes it a desirable partner for domestic and international market. The company provides professional installation, produced from it Krasnokamenka marble products, Liparit and granite producer prices.

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